Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Only Way is Up !!

I have been looking forward to 2011 for a long time, not for any particular reason, I have just always had a sense that it is going to be amazing ..... and so it is that I proceed ......

To kick things off I am heading Down Under for 9 weeks of a Working Holiday ... which basically amounts to seeing friends and family and performing a few gigs for the folks back home.

The opening event for MONA - The Museum of Old and New Art - in Hobart, Tasmania is my first stop where I will be performing a world premier of my two new aerial cabaret acts alongside Philip Glass, Nick Cave, Amanda Palmer and more ....

SPLORE CITY in Auckland, New Zealand is my next stop where I am on the line up with Kelis and The Cuban Brothers.

FRINGE WORLD by Artrage in Perth, Western Australia is the last stop on the tour where I am headlining 'The Spiegeltent Spectacular', which is an extravagant variety show that changes every night !!

So that is the work bit out of the way and seeing as how that is all spread out over 7 weeks I figured I had better plan something to do in between  !! So I will be spending my birthday week with my family and that is the same time as my mums birthday so I thought we might have a joint celebration in the form of a BBQ, Dads Cooking. I will visit friends around Sydney and stay with my starry nightmare Stella 'Sterra' Rim and perform an intimate gig at Hellfire, where I believe I will have Simon 'Duckie' Casson as my guest. I will spend a week visiting Lady Emma and Rob and family at their home in Wanaka - yes I know don't laugh - near Queenstown NZ and then I am kidnapping Lady Em and she is coming to Auckland with me for my gig there. I lived in Perth for 3 years so that gig will be a reunion with many dear old friends who I have not not seen or spoken to in over a decade as well as hopefully some training with my first circus troupe Bizircus. Bali represents the first part of the trip that happens when all the work has finished and is the beginning of the official holiday part of the excursion .... and so I begin March on a tropical island with my dearest friends Satya and Malakai who happen to be there be too : ) and then one last stop for my Nanna Power's 90th birthday party with loads of aunts and uncles and cousins and sisters and nieces and nephews .....

So stay tuned for more details as they unfold ....

And just in case you missed it the first time ... here is a link to a film of me flying 'LOOP THE LOOPS' with my Dad Steve Power in an acrobatic aeroplane, which is a WW11 Romanian Yak : )


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  1. Have a fair few friends in Hobart - ex London friends that came from there and went back. Will let them know about your gig :)