Tuesday, 18 September 2012



'Empress Stah in Space is part of an ongoing project; with a long term ambition to create a performance in outer space.

Misanthropic yet optimistic, irreverent whilst embracing, the performance is set at the 'Edge of Chaos' and will attempt to create a lens through which to to gaze beyond the incessant mutterings of established thinking and into the essence of the human experience.

Meditation and transcendence are often hinged on stories of levitation, and through the physical experience of weightlessness, Empress Stah, inspired by the reality of the constantly shifting perspective, has begun to explore a new interpretation of the sacred.

The narrative has been transcribed through trance and writing sessions between Empress Stah and seminal artist Ron Athey, which took place at Bentwaters, the site of the biggest, purported UFO/Miltary incident in Europe.

Conceived and Performed by Empress Stah
Directed by Ron Athey
Original track by Peaches in collaboration with Empress Stah
Text and Narration by Lydia Lunch in collaboration with Empress Stah

Commissioned for SPILL Festival of Performance
World Premier 2nd & 3rd November 2012

Jerwood Dance House, Ipswich 9:30pm
Book Online: www.danceeast.co.uk
Box Office: 01473295230

Image Credits:
Photo by Manuel Vason/
Face Corset by Patrick Ian Hartley
Latex by House of Harlot

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