Thursday, 20 October 2011


In September 2011 I created a new piece of work for the 'Boderline Biennial- Survive the Apocalypse' month long event at 'The Abode of Chaos' in France.

George Bataille's 'The Story of the Eye' was the theme for the weekend of performances that I was involved in, and so I worked with imagery from the book as well the themes of Apocalypse and Chaos .... my favourite invention is the new eyeball butt plug that I can actually perform an aerial routine while it is inserted !!

Here is a documentary video of the whole weekend .... my show 'The Story of the I' along with an impromtu Interview, is featured at about 37 minutes in and I also appear at the end with a performance of the 'Queen of the Night'.

WARNING - Very Explicit Content and Adult Themes

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