Monday, 31 October 2011

'Women in Circus' and the EasyJet Stag Do

A new book 'Zene & Cirkus' or 'Women in Circus' has just been published by Ivan Kralj, Director and Producer of The Red Room Cabaret in Zagreb in which I star, as well as producing the annual 'New Circus Festival'in the same city.


So I was given a copy of this book upon leaving the show, as I am in it, and was reading it quietly to myself as I sat boarded on the plane awaiting take off, minding my own business, when my empty row is decended upon by 'Jimbo' and 20 of his drunken stag do mates, including the groom.

The guys were young and cuteish, totally up for anything, loud and cocky. I on the other hand had a slight headache and was feeling rather somber. Jimbo sits down and introduces himself, now I am not one for making polite converstaion on public transport, but I do offer him my hand and introduce my self as Stah .... What you will read next is a brief recollection of the events that followed ....

J. No Way your names not Star, is your name really star, hey guys this girl reckons her name is star

ES. It's true .... look here is my passport ... See it is actually Empress Stah Power and is signed in heiroglyphs.

J. I can't beleive they let you on the plane with this passport ... hey guys ... passport gets passed around ... OMG she is a skin head .... Power Stah ... Hey Power Star ... why have you got no hair in this picture.

ES. Becasue I'm worth it ....

J. So what do you do ??

ES. Have a look at the picture in this book .... this is what I do ... Yes it was the show i was performing in the Red Room Cabaret.

J. Face of increduality .... book is passed around .... is that really you ? Show me your tattoo. (identity is confirmed)

J. Will you marry me .... can we join the Mile High Club ?

ES. Sorry, No, Not a Chance ; ) ... with a very bemused countenance

Hilarious banter with arm and thumb wrestling and numerous marriage proposals ensues for the next 2 hours.

Apparently I made their weekend .... I was really happy when we landed : )

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